Self Seal Poly Mailers

Product Description

Material structure:



  • Film - PE-LD/HD 3 layers
  • Self Seal - Hot Melt adhesive on flap.
  • Release cover - PET film with full-face silicone coating.


From 2.36 mil to 3.15 mil.

Color printing:

According to the requirements of client

Aspect of bag:

Heat sealing bag


Good appearance and safety by ruinous glue tapeprotection


Durable, moisture resistant, co-extrudedpolyethylene, just the thing for mailing clothing and other softgoods, documents, metal or plastic parts, pharmaceuticals and soon. They are very strong and can hold a heavy load.

Using range:

Plastic mailer bags serve a dual purpose. Not only do they protect and deliver your product, but they also serve as an ongoing advertisement for your business. Because of the quality ofthese bags, they will likely be saved for future use by your clients,giving you more exposure over time.