Kraft Mailers

Product Description:

Material structure:

Kraft Paper


  • Envelope - Kraft paper
  • Self Seal - Double-sided adhesive on flap.


From 0.98 mil to 1.38 mil.

Color printing:

According to the requirements of client. Regular1-2 color, up to 4 color printing.Features: Good appearance, easily usage and excellent securityprotection


Durable, cheap, just the thing for mailing documentsand other soft goods, metal or plastic parts, pharmaceuticals andso on. They are very strong and can hold a heavy load.

Using range:

Mainly used in fast express industry, materials aremainly coated duplex boards with grey back, coated duplex boardswith white back etc. Our company is the biggest manufacturer ofmailing envelopes for fast express enterprise, and we own theadvantages of high production capacity, precise printing and stablequality.